Your Future, Our Mission”

Highly-Specialized Coaches

We are a leading education provider that emphasizes greatly on the quality of our coaches as we believe they play a pivotal role in effectively unleashing your child’s fullest potential to achieve the grades he/she truly deserve. Thus, we never settle for mediocrity in providing the best education suitable for your child.

All our coaches are subject specialists who are committed and passionate in teaching.

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Teaching Methodology

We provide various types of teaching methodologies to cater to different needs of the individual students. We aims to provide a comprehensive support for students to excel in their learning.

Level Primary / Lower Secondary Upper Secondary / JC
Duration per lesson  1 hour 30 minutes  2 hours
Class Size Maximum of 8 Students*

If you wish to have 1-to-1 individual coaching, please contact us.

*If the students in the class are generally weaker, the class size will then be less than 8 students to better benefit the students.

Close Communication

At Memo, we follow up the progress of your child very closely and our close connection with you provides the support necessary to optimize and bring out the best in your child.

50% Refund

If your child fails SA2, we will refund you 50% of your tuition fee once you show us the SA2 result with the condition that your child has to join us for at least half a year. No hesitation and questions asked! We are confident with our highly specialized coaches! They would definitely bring your child to a greater height.